Part 2: Planning Simultaneous Home Projects

In part one of this two part topic, we covered a few pros and cons of staggering your home renovation projects. For some, this might be their only option based on financing the projects, or because of lifestyle.

In this article however, we will present a few things to consider if you are thinking of completing multiple home renovations at one time.


1. Shorter Time frame to Live With Renovations

By planning to consolidate your renovations into one big project, versus several smaller ones, you will inevitably arrive at your completion sooner. Although it might seem ambitious to plan for a kitchen and bathroom renovation at the same time, there is in truth much overlap to the fundamentals of these two rooms. Plumbing and electrical issues can be completed at the same time with the same work crew to ensure a seamless upgrade overall.

2. Protection for Updated Areas

leakIf you are dealing with plumbing or electrical issues, it can be advantageous to upgrade everything in unison so as to not risk damage to already updated parts of your home. For example, imagine your frustration were you to do a costly kitchen upgrade, only to later have an overhead bathroom begin to leak through the ceiling on your expensive cabinetry! By looking at your home as one combined project, you might eliminate repair bills to already updated areas.


1.Counting the Cost

Probably the number one thing that would prevent people from completing all home renovations at the same time would be the cost. Renovations can be expensive, and for some it is just not financially possible to complete multiple rooms at the same time. A word of caution, don’t cheap out trying to finish rooms using poor quality materials or cheaper labor! This will only results in dissatisfaction with the finish results, and possibly costly repair bills down the road.

2. Major Home Living Disruptions

Consider having to deal temporarily with getting to work or school without full use of your kitchen, bathroom, hallways and entry ways. Taking on a full scale renovation project to several areas of your home at once can be stressful. That said, it might be a case of short term pain, long term gain.

Regardless of whether you opt to complete your renovations in stages, or all at once, the important part is that you properly plan to reach your goals. Make sure that you have calculated the cost of both small and larger scale projects so that they can be completed in a timely manner. Be sure to work with a professional design team that is willing to be flexible to meet your needs. Always have work done by certified professionals who will not only add beauty and comfort to your home, but will ensure updates are safely completed with high quality building materials.

Whether your renovations will be a quick turnaround, or span over weeks, months or even years, today can be the day you begin the path to having your home the way you envision it through careful planning and design.