The Power of Interior Paint

paint-color-wheelWith the human eye, we can see approximately 10 million different colors. Perhaps that provides perspective as to why we at times feel like we have ‘paint paralysis’ – agonizing over paint swatches for hours, trying to choose the color that best suits the mood we want to lend to rooms within our homes.

Color can make us calm down, or rev us up. It can make us feel warm and cozy, or cool and tranquil. There is power within our painted walls. The good news is that by asking just a few simple questions, we can begin to narrow down our color selections. With professional paint application, we can enjoy the homes we live in and the colors that surround us.

Question #1: What mood do you want to create within the room?

If you are looking for a serene, tranquil mood, neutral and pastel colors work well. A great example of this are the cool tones used to make a bathroom feel like a spa. To inject energy into the room, brighter colors stand out and add interest. As an example, a cheery bright yellow kitchen.

Question #2: Do you prefer to add accent pieces and seasonal decor to change up the room, or do you want the room color to be the focus?

Transforming an entire large room can be difficult, as well as expensive. Consider keeping larger areas neutral and spicing it up with patterns, textures and fabrics that keep it interesting. Simple things such as flowers or fruit can add just the right amount of color to an otherwise neutral palette room.

Question #3: If you added white plus one other color, what would it be?

Far from boring, adding white plus one color is simple and always in style. Varying shades within the color can add visual interest through accent pieces, fixtures and furniture. If you are a novice decorator, white plus one color is an easy, and quite often beautiful combination.

Question #4: Within your home, would you describe your preferred taste as bold color everywhere, neutral everywhere, or somewhere in between?

There is no right answer. Color within our homes is personal, and can vary in hue and intensity from room to room. When selecting new interior paint colors, awareness of popular taste and trend is important only if you intend to sell your home. Otherwise, be happy with the color choices you feel best suit your personality!

Many people hire a professional designer to help them select a palette of colors for their interior home paint, incorporating colors that complement natural lighting, size of the room and existing room features.

The combination of tasteful interior paint color selection with professional application definitely adds ‘polish’ to the room, and provides a foundation of color on which to build.

Changing the interior paint within your home is a great way to ‘freshen up’ the look of your living space. It can add new personality to dull, lifeless rooms – and can be the beginning of a wonderful living space.